Beauty College Curriculum-vs-Continuing Education-vs-Advanced Education

Published in Dermascope Magazine Online March 2019

Have you ever taken a moment to really digest all that you’ve learned in Beauty College, the myriad of chapters, the review questions, the workbook and all the extra credit assignments that go along with it. Ask yourself this question, “Have I learned everything, do I know everything” if you answered a resounding “no” you would be correct. Lets take a look at the classic curriculum as it is presented at most Beauty Colleges, your Instructors want you to learn the basics before heading over to more complex subjects, techniques, machines and the like, their purpose and joy is to make sure you can service a client keeping in mind that clients safety and the practice of infection control along with proper sanitation, when we state the basics we mean learning a classic facial massage, how to perform a basic facial, full body waxing, the art of make-up, how to sanitize and disinfect properly, what to do in case of a blood exposure, how to handle a client who may react to an ingredient, the differences and nuances of the five skin types, how to address common skin conditions, how to retail effectively insuring you are sending your clients home with products that will compliment and achieve results from what you have done in the treatment room, in a nut shell Beauty Colleges prepares you for what comes next!

Your bigger question is “What is the difference between what I’ve learned already and Continuing Education classes versus Advanced Education Classes, trust me they all have their place in your career and you will more than likely take advantage of them as you grow in the industry. We have pretty much taken a look at some of the things you have learned in Beauty College, for those of you who live in a State where you are required to get a specific number or CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) you will be required to seek out approved providers in your State who offer classes that will help you fulfill your CEU’s, which is what you will need in order to renew your professional license, yes you will have to pay for these classes, the good news is that you may be able to take advantage of these classes at one of the many

industry trade shows, this way you earn your CEU’s along with attending the show, a true win-win situation. The upside to living in a State that requires CEU’s, it will definitely keep you learning, there is no way you will be able to sit on your license, as the saying goes “learners are earners”.

Let us discuss Advanced Classes, one of my all-time favorites. I happen to live in a state where CEU’s aren’t required, however that does not mean that once you get your license that is it, you must be, let me repeat myself “you must be” self motivated, driven and have a passion for your craft, you have to say to yourself that you are going to take advantage of every possible opportunity you have to advance your knowledge and education. There are many Advanced Classes as there are product lines, its up to you to find them, a good place to start would be on Social Media, professional skin care companies and of course other Estheticians, there out there you just have to find them. One thing I haven’t talked about and that is “money” nothing in life is free, well some things are, but most things aren’t, so “yes” you will have to fork over some hard cold cash to sit under the tutelage of those who have paid hard cold cash to become experts in their field and now are sharing their knowledge, wisdom and time so you can learn what they already know. I like to tell students “get over it” you are investing in yourself and that is the best investment you can make, in our industry “knowledge is power” and the more you know the more you grow. A Beauty Professional whether it is an Esthetician, Cosmetologist or Manicurist will create value when they decide that they must take their career to the next level by learning more, not only does this create value for yourself, it also shows your community, your employer, your clients, family and friends that you are in this for the long haul and not a phase that you’ll grow out of. It all begins with taking what you learned in Beauty College seriously and thoroughly understanding that having your license does not mean you know it all, on the contrary, your professional license grants you the privilege to go out and learn more, much more, be it by way of Continuing Education mandated by your State Licensing Authority (I would hope you would seek out more education whether your State mandated it or not). There are also a myriad of Advanced

Classes being offered by seasoned Professionals, trade-shows, skincare companies, equipment companies and Beauty Colleges who offered extra classes on the days they are close i.e. Sunday/Monday, not to mention online classes as well. Now that you have a better understanding of the differences, go out there a find a class or two, maybe three “you will never regret it”.

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