Being Aware of Whats Happening Legislatively “How To Get Involved"

Published in Dermascope Magazine Online April 2019

As a Licensed Skincare Therapist you made a commitment to uphold your State License, practicing only within your Scope as mandated by your State, have you taken the time to actually think about what goes into your States “Rules and Regulations”, what is going on “exactly” at your States Capitol. For many the last time they thought about their State Board was on the drive to take “the test”, you passed, got your licensed and skipped merrily on your way, never to meet again. As far as many are concerned, what happens at their State Board “stays at their State Board”, hold up! This isn’t the first time you’ve been reminded that the Beauty Industry has a voice, it’s our Legislative Body consisting of our duly appointed State Board Members, who work tirelessly to move “your agenda, my agenda, everyone who has skin in the beauty games agenda”, but they can’t do it alone, its easy for many to complain about this and that and the other thing, have you thought about getting involved making your voice heard where it can actually make a difference. Contact your State Board and get on their email blast list to be notified of upcoming meetings, if at all possible try to attend the meetings, you will hear and see first hand what is going on legislatively, if you are unable to attend you can normally view the meetings via webcast or read the minutes online. Another option would be joining up with your Local, State, and/or National Professional Organization, remember folks “there is strength in numbers”, please do not take the stance that its someone else job to fight the good fight, no its all of ours and it begins with “you” and “me”. It is typical for most states to have a Professional Cosmetology Association of some sorts, many offer advanced and/or continuing education, insurance options, networking, mentoring, career building and so much more along with all of that some even have Political Action Committees (PAC’s) or Legislative Watchdogs who keep their eye on the Beauty Ball advocating for all who hold Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring, Barbering, and Electrolysis Licenses, making sure “or hoping” that their efforts will keep Legislation in our favor. How can “we” you get involved? by joining our Local or State Professional Association, once you become a member , get involved, attend meetings, help to fundraise, volunteer to Chair a

Committee, sit on the Board of Directors, hold office as a Director the choices are many and the opportunity to give back is huge. Becoming a member of a local, state or national trade organization will give you the opportunity and the voice to serve your industry, to give back of your time, energy, knowledge and yes “money”, you may think “money” yes M-O-N-E-Y its takes lots of it to keep our industry in the public eye, to promote safety, excellence, and awareness in the beauty workplace, to let “our public” know we are a force to be reckoned with. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be involved, attend State Board meetings, start networking with your peers, attend trade shows and conferences, often times the State Board will have a booth with information that will keep you up dated on what is going on, get on their mailing list so that you can be alerted of upcoming meetings and changes to the States Rules and Regulations. Here are a couple of suggestions for you, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is a great place to start, they can be reached at, another professional organization would be the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturer/ Distributors & Associations (NVEA) they can be reached at, they also have a national certification you may want to check into. We all

understand that life gets busy and there never seems to be enough time in the day, with that being said make a decision that you want to be a vehicle of change and growth in the Beauty Industry, it’s not just enough to join organizations, you have to get busy, so volunteer to head up a committee, organize a day of education to build awareness of what we do on a day to day bases in Salons and Spas, you may have other ideas as well “speak up”. Another awesome way to get involved is to engage on Social Media with professional organizations, there are several groups on Facebook that you can check out as well, get on their subscription list, so that you are notified of any regulatory changes or updates. What is the takeaway, stay informed by staying in touch, most of all “get up and get involved” the industry needs you and me.


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