The Magical World of Sheet Masks

It seems like the world has been overtaken with the Sheet Mask craze, a phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down.  Sheet mask originated in South Korea and has spread exponentially to nearly every continent, these little pieces of heaven are sold all over the internet and in nearly every brick and mortar beauty retailer.  The types are varied and come in many formulas to address a myriad of skin conditions, sheet mask are pre moistened sheets of fabrics which come in a variety of materials with Bio Cellulose being the Gold Standard more like the Rolls Royce of the genre.  Sheet Mask made from Bio Cellulose are superior in that they provide a skin tight epidermal (outer layer of the skin) adhesion, which is optimal, allowing those skin loving ingredients the ability to migrate and penetrating easily and effectively.  If you have not tried a Sheet Mask now is the perfect time.  Let me know how you loved it.  Let the magic begin.

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