Today’s Spa Employers Expectations


Published in Dermascope Magazine Online February 2019

You’ve surpassed your goal of completing Beauty School and now hold the coveted “Golden Ticket” also known as your State License, as you ponder your options you decide that the classic Day Spa is where you want to land as a newly minted Esthetics Professional.  Our focus will be on facilities that offer only skincare and body therapy treatments, lets take a look at the traditional Day Spa,  a place which encompasses classic skincare care treatments, body therapy in the form of massages, wraps, scrubs, and hydrotherapy.  You will be expected to work cohesively with a team of likeminded skin and body care professionals, you will need to lock arms and partner as you all collectively move clients from treatment to treatment and even from one treatment room to another. The goal is to provide the ultimate experience for spa goers.  

There are literally thousands of Day Spas in the world with more be added as we speak, it’s a rare thing to visit a Hotel, Resort or any city large or small and not find  a Day Spa. In America the numbers are impressive counting close to 5700 according to a survey done by *Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2018.  No wonder the expectations and corporate stakes  are extremely high.  Do you have what it takes to be the consummate service provider, are you comfortable putting others needs before your own, can you handle working with all demographics.  Today’s Spa Employers are expecting you to hit the ground running although many provide training on their “methods”, however you must have the basics down.  One of the number one pieces of advice this author can give is first and foremost would be to visit local spas, experience a variety of treatments, its very important to have first hand knowledge of that which you will be doing on a daily basis.  Most Beauty Schools do not offer a Spa Diploma, so its up to “YOU” to advance your knowledge as well as your education by attending workshops along with live and online classes, yes you will need to make an investment, there is no other way to learn, always remember that your education does not end once you pass your State Board Examination, your license is a license to learn more.  In order to be invaluable to your new Spa Employer you will need to get as much advanced education as you can, not only does it show your committment to your profession it will also give you an edge in the industry, which by the way is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to continue it’s growth right up to and through 2015, showing no signs of slowing down.  The opportnities are endless “are you ready” ask yourself the following questions?

  • Are you committment to being a service provider?
  • Have you taken Advance Education or are you planning to?
  • Are you open to learning new methods?
  • Are you dependable, responsible and punctual?
  • Are you willing to work weekends and evenings if need be?
  • Do you make every effort to dress your best with on trend make-up & hair?
  • Do you work well with a team?
  • How good is your time management?
  • Can you accept constructive critisism?
  • Are you willing to be teachable and coachable?
  • Can you put the needs of others before your own?
  • Are you able to upsell/cross sell other Spa services?
  • How are your retail/sales skills? Do they need improvement?
  • Are your salary expectations resonable based on your skills and  experience?
  • Do you want to grow with your new Spa, or are you using it as a stepping stone to other opportunities?

We are just skimming the surface, the above will give you a career track to run on.  One more thing to consider is this, ask yourself,  how would my actions be, my committement, my attitude if the shoe were on the other foot and I were the Owner or Spa Director doing the hiring, that puts it into perpective.  You may not physcially owned the business or have a financial stake as an investor, as a Beauty Professional, whereever your path may lead, this one thing you must keep top of mind, “I will treat this job and every client, every service I provide as if I were the owner”, this mindset changes everything.  An open minded owner will be delighted to have employees that take charge and view their job not just as any job, but a “career” where doing and giving your best is woven into the fabric of the daily operations of the business, not caring who gets the credit, providing the best services to their clients and the communities they serve. This will help make your new career “Priceless”.



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