Today’s Students and Their Expectations Upon Licensure

Published in Dermascope Magazine Online January 2019


Well its official, you’ve spent your entire day at the State Board, you’ve taken the written “check”, you’ve performed the practical “check”, anxious and nervous would be an understatement, now the wait, then it happens you hear your name, you are being summoned to the front of the room, the stranger staring at you beams with joy she says “congratulations” you have passed your State Board Exam, with that it’s finally official you are a Licensed, Bona Fide, Card Carrying Esthetician.  You’ve got your Esty Bestie on speed dial and your Moms been blowing up your cell phone which has been turned off for the majority of the day “a record in it self”.  On the drive home reality sets in “now what”………..

You get butterflies in your stomach and all of a sudden panic sets in ….

This is a scenario that we are all to familiar with, including this Author, look on the bright side no more rushing to clock in, endless loads of laundry, you majored in Esthetics with a minor in laundry, no Instructor glaring at you as you make yet another move toward your cell phone, test taking, review questions, the endless mounds of flash cards, mock state board run throughs, mock state board written tests, lectures, guest speakers, endless researching ingredients with more being discovered with each passing day.

Its D-Day, as in Determination! if you had not started your job search, you better get a move on it.  Now to find that job (memories of that resume class haunts you) , you have choices and they are varied, number one decide how you want to practice Esthetics, lets look at a couple of scenarios:


  • Does job security, paid days off, possibly vacation and benefits appeal to you, then consider working for one of the more established   Skincare Chains or Wax Centers, you will not have a lot of creative freedom, but!!! you will have a structured environment, a schedule you can rely on, training, training, and more training on the other hand if you are a free spirit more at home doing your own thing, this may not be the option for you, working for Corporate has it benefits, the catch is you can’t have it your way, “you have to do it their way”  and for some companies it will be “their way or the highway” .  The upside to all of this, it is a great way to prepare you to go out on your own, learn from others mistakes, successes , trials and errors. Working for someone else is the best on the job training you will ever get.
  • Owning your own business by renting from a Local Day Spa or Skin Care Clinic, this is a beautiful option if you want more individuality and a chance to make a name for yourself, depending on your state the options can be varied, however renting a treatment room from an existing business owner allows you the opportunity to have complete control, meaning everything from servicing the clients, equipping/stocking/decorating your treatment room, marketing your new business, designing your service menu, pricing your services, determining you business structure Sole Proprietor -vs- Corporation -vs- LLC, make sure to calendar-in time off for shows, classes and any seminars you plan on attending, plus family time, keep in mind when you are not  there you don’t earn any money, no paid vacations, sick time, no calling another Esthetician in to cover your shift, no retirement/401K, this is the reality “if” you choose to go this route. There is light at the end of this tunnel and that is to share a room with another Esthetician who would split the rent and utilities just make sure it’s the right Esthetician!

These are just a couple of scenarios on what you can expect as a newly Licensed Esthetician, one thing is for sure, your work is not done! Now is the time to put into practice all of this things you were taught about “what’s next” Here are some tip to make the transition from Student Esthetician to Licensed Esthetician. 

As a newly licensed professional just starting out, you are going to have to put the work in to build a steady clientele, even if you land  your  “dream job”  you have to promote yourself at all times, post on social media, ask for referrals from family and friends, reconnect with old friends and colleagues tell them where you are at and what you are doing now. 

If you are undecided which business model you want to venture into and you end up looking for employment longer than you want to, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your resume is updated and on point, invest in high quality paper to print out copies of your resume. Presentation and image are everything!!!!!
  • Invest in business cards you can utilize websites such as as well as others.
  • If you are not already active on Social Media, nows the time to get active, join groups, engage family and friends, reach out to vendors and suppliers you may have met or heard of in school, many times they know of accounts that are hiring, they can also become you ally in your job search.
  • Get out and start visiting local Spas and Salons in your area, introduce yourself “even if they are not hiring at the moment”, leave your resume and business card, if it is a place you would love to work at decide to stay in touch.

If you do not find a job right away all is not lost, you now have free time “at least for now” utilize your downtime to research products, new modalities and equipment, find a topic within Esthetics and become an expert, you’ll never regret it!

Bottom line you’ve made it this far so don’t be hard on yourself, you are going to have to put the work in as a new employee or if you are still searching for employment, this is not a time to sit back and relax, get up, get out, and most of all “do you” until your dream job or opportunity becomes a reality. Congratulations and Good Luck!


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